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Susan Grund, Oversexed Murderess

A Violent Kink

Two or three times a year, Susan and her baby would leave Campbell in Oklahoma and make the 800-mile drive home to Indiana to visit her mother and sisters.

Back in Peru, Susan would often leave her child with a relative, stow away her wedding ring and hit the bars with old girlfriends.

More than once, the friends' jaws dropped at Susan's cavalier inclination toward casual sex. If her libido was running hot, she would meet a man and within minutes lead him out to the parking lot for back-seat humping.

Back in Oklahoma City, Campbell began to understand that it would not be a happily-ever-after marriage.

He certainly must have known that his wife was promiscuous, given the circumstances under which they met. But he also soon learned the hard way that Susan harbored deep anger and was prone toward inexplicable violent outbursts.

Once, she stabbed him in the chest with scissors. Another time, she poked him in the leg with a knife.

Campbell said the attacks had a kinky twist: Susan was sexually aroused by the violence and initiated lovemaking afterward.

Whatever relationship the couple had in the bedroom, it was not enough to sustain a marriage wracked by promiscuity and violence. After two troubled years with Campbell, Susan began searching for something better.

Tom Whited
Tom Whited

It arrived in the person of Tom Whited, a fellow employee at Perry Filters, the Oklahoma City manufacturer where she had gone to work. Whited was a catcha college-educated former Army captain and homeowner. His wife, the daughter of the Perry factory owner, had recently died of cancer, leaving Whited and his son, Tommy, alone in a handsome house that his father-in-law had given the couple as a wedding gift.

To that point, Susan's relationships were rather uncomplicated in that her husbands and various lovers more or less shared her moral code.

But the Whited affair would prove to be something different.