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Susan Grund, Oversexed Murderess

Susan's Itch

The marriage to Ronnie Lovell would prove to be the first of many times that Susan would say "I do." That part of the wedding vows came easily to her. It was the til-death-do-us-part provision that proved challenging.

Susan Grund
Susan Grund

Within days of her courthouse wedding to Lovell, she was bedding other men. Susan was inflicted with the itch she couldn't scratch, try as she might.

As author Clarkson put it, "Susan's biggest problem was sex."

Susan came of age amid the sexual revolution that finally arrived in Middle America in the 1970s. The gold band on her ring finger was largely irrelevant when it came to carnal gratification.

She was not the sort to sublimate her libido. When it came knocking, Susan Sanders Lovell always answered. She would meet a new guy and one thing would lead to anotheroften very quickly. She couldn't help herself.

Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City, OK

And the sexual itch she developed in Indiana didn't disappear when she moved to Oklahoma City.

Ronnie Lovell worked days as a construction worker and nights as a musician, and Susan took a job helping to manage the apartment complex where they lived.

Susan met any number of men eager to accommodate her needs, but she eventually settled on one as a regular lover. He was Gary Campbell, 24, a twangy cowboy who made a living driving trucks. Conveniently, he lived in the same apartment complex.

When Lovell finally got hip and confronted his wife about her affairs, she packed her clothes and moved into Campbell's unita smooth transition.

After getting pregnant with her new squeeze, Susan divorced Lovell and married Campbell in 1979. She was twice a bride and barely out of her teens.

A few months after the wedding ceremony, she gave birth to Campbell's son, whom they named Jacob.

But her second marriage was doomed to follow the template of the first.

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