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Sex, Lies & Murder: The Pamela Smart Case


Fall, 1989

William Flynn (AP)
William Flynn (AP)

Pamela Smart met William "Bill" Flynn in the fall of 1989 through Project Self-Esteem and then continued their relationship while working on an orange juice video competition. It was around the same time that Greg confessed his affair to Pam, encouraging her to spend more time with the young people she had befriended. Only a few years older than the students at Winnacunnet High School, Pamela looked somewhat younger than her 22 years. An attractive woman, with her shoulder-length, blonde-streaked hair fluffed out in front, her dark-ringed raccoon eyes made up to perfection and her perky disposition, she fit right in with the students. She had just begun working in the SAU 21 building adjacent to the high school where 15-year-old Billy was beginning his sophomore year.

Billy Flynn's 150 pound, 5-foot 11-inch frame was still growing. Shy-looking with his big, round eyes and dark shoulder-length hair, sporting an earring and black-leather jacket, playing the guitar, he resembled a young Paul McCartney. He too was dedicated to rock music, especially heavy metal, his favorite being Motley Crue. He was a dead ringer for what Pam was looking for in a potential mate.

Attracted to him from the very beginning, "I thought he was a good kid," she said. "He was easy to talk to, friendly. He liked some of the same music I liked. He played the guitar."

She also became overly friendly, overstepping her bounds with the student intern that came with the job, teenager Cecelia Pierce. They quickly became best friends. Pam was aware that Cecelia, wanting to be a journalist, was very interested in her job as an alternative. Cecelia quickly became Pam's sounding board for virtually everything that was going on in her life.

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