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Sex, Lies & Murder: The Pamela Smart Case

First Degree Murder

Wednesday, August 1st, 1990

At 1:05 p.m. Pelletier entered Smart's office unannounced. Pam recognized him, having spoken to him on at least six other occasions.

"Hi!" said Pamela.

"Hi!" he replied, as Captain Jackson and another detective stepped into the room.

Taken by surprise she asks, "What's up?"

"Well, Pam," Pelletier said. "I have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is that we've solved the murder of your husband. The bad news is, you're under arrest."

"What for?" she asks.

"First-degree murder. Stand up and face the wall."

Pamela was then arraigned in Derry District Court and jailed. She has been behind bars ever since.

"She thought she was smart, but she had no street smarts. Nine-year-olds have more street smarts than she had," Jackson said. "That was the problem. She thought she was smarter than the whole world. But she made many mistakes, right and left."

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