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Dr. Yazeed Essa

A Change In Plans

Yazeed Essa
Yazeed Essa
With the accident not going as planned, and the police investigating the death as suspicious, Yazeed was on high alert.

A few weeks after Rosie's death, on March 17, he got a call from the police. They wanted him to come to talk about some calcium supplements. According to a Dateline report. Essa calmly explained that he had given Rosie calcium pills, because she was getting older.

"Two weeks before I was over at my mom's house, and I thought about this as well. My mom had this older woman over and they were talking about osteoporosis and whatnot. And I'd been toldRosie was therethat we should probably, you know, she's over 35, she should probably start taking calcium supplements."

According to Dateline, he took the detective Gary McKee over to his house to hand over the bottle of calcium pills. McKee met one of the mistresses, Marguerita Montanez, who was then serving as the daytime nanny for the kids.

Essa handed the pills over and the detective left.

He then did what most guilty men do. He panicked.

But first, he had a party.

As Rick Bell told The Grand Rapids Press, "It can be described as nothing other than a going-away party."

That night at 4:00 a.m., he called Deanna, his sister, and asked if she could watch the kids. There had been another car accident: a brother of a close friend in North Carolina. He wanted to be a good friend.

The next day, no one could reach him.

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