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Dr. Yazeed Essa

The Calcium Pill

Rosie's death was perplexing to the doctors. It was clear to them that her injuries weren't enough to kill her. Something else was wrong. Rosie's brother Dominic DiPuccio had called Eva McGregor to tell her about his sister's death, not knowing that she and Eva had spoken before the crash, and Eva was startled. She was likely the last person to talk to Rosie, and she Dominic about her conversation with Rosie while she was driving. She told him about the calcium pills.

From left: Rosemarie Essa, Yazeed Essa and Yazeed's mother
From left: Rosemarie Essa, Yazeed Essa and Yazeed's

He was in disbelief. He and the rest of the family couldn't believe that someone they loved possibly had willed the death of their sister. The realization nearly tore apart Rosie's two brothers and their wivesthey met in a church parking lot to discuss their next move, agonizing over whether to mention the suspicion to authorities.

They reached a truce. The would simply ask the coroner to do a complete examination of the body; if something suspicious was found, they would relay what they knew about the calcium pills.

But they didn't count on Eva McGregor talking to other people. According to the Dateline report, "Bitter Pill," by coincidence, McGregor had run into her neighbor Christine DiCillo a nurse who had worked with both of the Essas and relayed her phone call with Rosie. DeCillo wasted no time and called in the tip to the police who were already investigating the accident as suspicious.

Rick Bell, an assistant Cuyahoga County prosecutor told The Grand Rapids Press, that Yazeed Essa learned the night after the murder that people knew about the pill he had given her. " His jaw drops, and his eyes open according to witnesses, and he's shocked that they know about these calcium pills," Bell said.

For many, it was the first crack in a facade that had seemed perfect to the outside world. But Yazeed Essa, it was soon revealed, was a master at pretending to be one thing while being another. He was a man with many faces, and many lives. On the face of it, he was in a happy marriage with a beautiful devoted wife and two childrenpart of a large extended family that included his brothers and sister, and his wife's big Italian family.

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