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Perry March

Meeting "Bobby Givings"

Arthur March
Arthur March

Arthur March had never liked his son's in-laws. He would later testify that he considered his daughter-in-law Janet "a typical JAP... a Jewish American Princess." He called her mother, Carolyn, the "queen of the Jewish Mafia." According to Court, he once considered killing Lawrence Levine himself, even though the man had put his son through law school. "They [the Levines] were political animals," Arthur March said, "who used her position with the Jewish Mafia and his position with the Democratic Party to get what they wanted."

Janet March
Janet March

Considering the way Arthur March felt about the Levines, it must have been a happy day for him when he received a phone call in Mexico from Russell Farris in August 2005, reporting that the job was done. Arthur agreed to pick up the hitman at the Guadalajara airport a few days later.

Up until this point, Arthur March's participation in the conspiracy was through telephone conversations with his son from jail. He had never actually met Russell Farris, but he just assumed that the man who approached him at the airport was "Bobby Givings." In fact it was FBI Special Agent Kenneth Sena who placed a very "shaken" March under arrest.

Farris had been cooperating with the authorities all along, secretly recording his jailhouse conversations with Perry March. Prosecutors also obtained recordings of March's telephone conversations with his father. Somehow attorney March hadn't realized that all inmate phone calls are routinely recorded at the Davidson County Jail.

On October 28, 2005, Perry and Arthur March were formally charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and two counts of solicitation to commit first-degree murder.

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