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Neil Entwistle

Financial Collapse

Neil Entwistle, Rachael and baby
Neil, Rachael and baby Entwistle

Neil Entwistle, charged with the double homicide of his wife and daughter in Massachusetts, appears to be anything but a man of his word. One day after the murders, he'd skipped the country, landing in England, where he was arrested. By February 15, he was returned to the States.

Allegedly, he had a plan in place to commit murder and then suicide, but Entwistle, 27, backed out of the second part after reportedly shooting his family with his father-in-law's .22 caliber handgun and returning it to the man's home. Rachel, 27, and Lillian, nine months old, were found on January 22 in their Boston-area home, on the second visit by police.

Entwistle apparently had serious financial difficulties, a motive common to men who have wiped out their families. He was thousands of dollars in debt and his various fly-by-night Internet ventures had largely failed, but according to Fox News reports, he had hidden his looming collapse from his wife, opting instead for the impression of a happy family doing well together. They had charged up the credit cards furnishing their new home, and Entwistle probably saw no way to pay them off when the bills came due. Rachel apparently believed that her husband had made a lot of money that he kept in offshore accounts.

Entwistle was among those annoying spammers who promise cash for work at home, enlargement for male genitalia, easy sexual partners, and cut-rate pirated software. Yet none paid off in the promises made, and the sites bore evidence of false contact information and inactivated pages.


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