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Jarrod Davidson: Murderous family secret

Murder One

Although evidence indicated that the Joneses, both 50, had committed the murders, Sorenson was lacking a clear motive. The couple denied committing the shooting and claimed they had been walking along the beach 70 miles north when it had occurred, in spite of the cell phone records.

A grand jury was convened, and all three Joneses were subpoenaed to testify. Kelee reiterated her parents' alibi, saying when she had talked to them on the phone, that she could hear either the beach or the wind in the background. It was what Deputy District Attorney Darryl Perlin had been awaitingcollusion between the three.

The grand jury indicted all three of the Davidsons on murder and conspiracy charges on April 14, 2005. Under state law, this meant that that case could proceed to trial without a preliminary hearing. All were held without bail. Perlin decided not to seek the death penalty, making the maximum sentence life in prison without the possibility of parole. Temporary custody of Malia was awarded to Jarrod's parents.

"Phil and I did not kill him, nor do we know who did," Mindy told The Associated Press on April 16, 2005. "We are in jail because of a lack of more viable suspects, not because we are guilty."

But according to the indictment, the family had a specific plan. Kelee hadn't worked her waitress shift the night of the murder, instead keeping Malia with her so her parents wouldn't have to babysit and would instead be free to kill Jarrod. When Jarrod had showed up that day to take his daughter for a visit, Kelee had refused to let him because she didn't want the girl at Jarrod's home when he got killed.

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