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Jarrod Davidson: Murderous family secret

Kelee Jones Davidson

The morning after the murder, a deputy arrived at Kelee's home and escorted her to the sheriff's station for questioning. Sorenson's primary suspect had an alibi she and her daughter had been out to dinner that night with a friend, and they had later watched television together. She claimed not to know who had committed the murder.

Still, Sorenson couldn't shake his nagging suspicion that Kelee had to be responsible since she had the most to gain by Jarrod's death.

"During the course of the interview with her we didn't tell her he was killed to the very end," Sorenson said. "We asked if she knew he was dead, and she said she didn't know. She didn't seem upset or show a lot of emotion.

"We said to her, 'Hey, we know you didn't like Jarrod, but he is the father of your child. You don't seem very upset that he's dead or showing any emotion,'" Sorenson said. "At that point she started tearing up."

The phony tears showed Sorenson just how much Kelee despised her ex-husband. Yet he couldn't arrest her without any concrete evidence, so the detective reluctantly let Kelee go. His investigation would drag on for another six months before he got a big break.

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