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Jarrod Davidson: Murderous family secret

An Uphill Battle

Mindy would soon find out that she made a very big mistake.

Trial began in the summer of 2006. It was eight months after Philip's confession, and, surprisingly, he was still alive. In fact, Perlin wouldn't have to use his videotape because Philip was well enough to come into court himself. Perlin called him to the witness stand, but he was anything but cooperative.

The pair battled with semantics, Philip refusing to say he committed a murder, opting for the word "kill" instead. He told the jury how he and his wife had concocted the plan to shoot Jarrod. The prosecution also submitted the DNA evidence and the witness who testified that Philip hadasked for a gun. Forty witnesses in all. In contrast, the defense only called three. Mindy didn't testify.

Jurors, left with an extremely lopsided case, had little recourse but to vote guilty on all counts.

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