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The Murder of Lori Hacking

The Search Begins

Missing person's poster of Lori
Missing person's poster of Lori
At that point, Lori's family, friends and colleagues volunteered to help Mark in the search. Some of her friends flew in from other parts of the country to participate. Unfortunately, they were coming up empty-handed.

Press conference with Mark's parents (right) & Lori's parents
Press conference with Mark's parents (right) & Lori's parents

The following day, July 20th, Lori's family held a press conference, pleading for any information on her disappearance. Hundreds of missing persons posters bearing Lori's image and contact numbers were hung around the city. Before long, the search for Lori had become a community crusade involving more than 1, 200 volunteers. She was both admired and respected and people were very concerned for her safety and the safety of their community.

Mark's efforts to find his wife were cut short when he was admitted to the University of Utah's psychiatric unit for a mental breakdown. The loss of his pregnant wife appeared to have sparked a severe emotional crisis. In a bizarre twist of events, he had been hospitalized when police found him wandering around a Salt Lake City motel naked except for a pair of sandals.


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