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Marcus Wesson: Control, Incest and Murder

March 12

Sebhrenah Wesson
Sebhrenah Wesson
According to witness accounts, Ruby Sanchez and Sofina Solorio pulled up to the Wesson house around 2 p.m. on March 12, accompanied by several carloads of young people.

"I came to get my son," Solorio said, rushing into the house to find 7-year-old Jonathon. She had the boy by the hand and was walking out of the house when her sister Rosa snatched him away and stuck him in the back bedroom with the other children, according to the Fresno Bee. Solorio would never see her son again.

Solorio was pushed from the house and Wesson stationed his massive frame in the doorway to block her from re-entering. Wesson's supporters called the two sisters "whores" and "bitches" and ordered them to leave. Sebhrenah Wesson pointed at her father's feet and told Ruby Sanchez to "bow down to her master" before running into the back bedroom with the children, according to news accounts.

At 2:30, a squad car pulled up. The Wesson household kept a low profile and the police had only visited twice before — once to take a report on a missing license plate, and another time on the theft of a purse from a car.

One of the responding officers would later say he heard a baby crying as he spoke with Marcus Wesson in the doorway. Wesson did not invite the officers inside, and they weren't allowed to enter without a warrant or reasonable fear for public safety. Wesson's preternaturally calm demeanor — as the crowd cursed and jeered around him — lead officers to believe that the patriarch would work with them toward a peaceful resolution.

But then he suddenly turned and ducked into the house, slamming the door behind him.