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Marcus Wesson: Control, Incest and Murder

"Making Children for the Lord"

David Koresh
David Koresh
When the girls reached high school, he forbade them from talking to boys. Dating was out of the question. Later Marcus Wesson Jr. would testify that he found it strange his sisters didn't date, but that when he asked one of them about it, she simply replied, "I'm not into it right now."

Wesson was fascinated with David Koresh, the cult leader in Waco, Texas, who took multiple wives. The family was glued to the television during the federal siege of the group's compound in 1993 during which Koresh and 80 followers died.

"This is how the world is attacking God's people," Wesson told his family, according to the Fresno Bee. "This man is just like me. He is making children for the Lord. That's what we should be doing, making children for the Lord."

Not long after, Wesson started breeding with daughters and nieces. He told them he wanted to have one child with each of them, but he couldn't stop himself and kept impregnating them. The young women viewed themselves as surrogates for Elizabeth Wesson, who could no longer bear children.

Some of the girls still had normal teenage inclinations. Wesson discovered Ruby Sanchez flirting with boys and beat her severely. She ran away three times, but always returned, having nowhere to go and not wanting to leave her child. But when she turned 22, she left for good and got married, according to the Fresno Bee. Her sister, Sofina Solorio, also left. Away from Wesson's pernicious stranglehold, the young women finally realized what it was like to lead a normal life. They became furious when the learned that Wesson continued to impregnate their sisters and cousins, and worried about the welfare of their small children. On that fatal March day, they drove to the Hammond Ave., determined to rescue their kids.

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