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Marcus Wesson: Control, Incest and Murder

"Angelic Brain"

The Fresno County Jail
The Fresno County Jail
Wesson was held at the Fresno County jail in lieu of $9 million bail and charged with nine counts of murder. DNA testing gave investigators foolproof evidence that Wesson had sired all the victims with his own daughters and nieces, and he was charged with an additional 14 counts of sexual abuse. He pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

His wife Elizabeth, daughter Kiani, and niece Rosa Solorio continued to voice their support for him, denying he'd done anything wrong and proclaiming him to be a wonderful husband and father.

His mother Carrie was more ambivalent.

"If Marcus is guilty, I would really feel disappointed in my country if it didn't make him face the penalty," Carrie Wesson told the Los Angeles Times. "But I'm a biblical person too, and I don't believe in capital punishment ... what I would like for Marcus to do is sit in prison and think about what he's done and read the Bible."

In jail, Wesson wrote country-western songs, which he sang for his visitors. In conversations with his family that were secretly recorded, he said he felt electrical currents in his head because God had given him an "angelic brain," the Fresno Bee reported. "I've never seen that, except at the beginning of time, when the angels were mixing with men."


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