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Larissa Schuster

Larissa's police interview


Larissa Schuster
Larissa Schuster
In that videotaped interrogation, Larissa claimed she had no special knowledge of Tim's disappearance and that she didn't believe Tim would take his own life. She admitted that she disliked Tim immensely, but passed that off as normal in a hotly-contested divorce.

When she told police she had not called Tim in a long while, the police began to poke holes in her story. Larissa flatly denied making the late-night phone call to her estranged husband. When confronted with the Caller ID records, she offered that she may have hit a speed-dial button on her cell phone while sleeping. The detectives asked if she had her cell phone with her, and Larissa said she did not. The detectives then asked for a short break and surreptitiously walked to her car. The cell phone was in plain sight, so they asked a now-flustered Larissa to retrieve it. Then they methodically went through all her speed-dial numbers together and found Tim Schuster was, in fact, not on her speed dial. The detectives also noted small cuts on Larissa's leg. Police reviewed Larissa's cell phone records which led them to someone of whom they had never heard before: James Fagone.

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