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Larissa Schuster

Where was Tim Schuster?


When Tim had been missing the requisite 24 hours, Bob and Mary Solis called the Clovis Police and reported the disappearance. Murder wasn't the foremost thought in their minds. Tim had just gotten divorced and had just lost his job. Perhaps he had just dropped everything for a lost weekend in Las Vegas or time alone in the mountains, or, more ominously, maybe he had become suicidal and done something drastic?

On July 11, Detectives Vince Weibert and Larry Kirkhart drove over to search Tim Schuster's house they found Tim's gun stuffed in the cushions of a living room chair. Although they knew about the nasty divorce, they were still taken aback when they found a series of obscene, vitriolic messages from Larissa on the answering machine. They also found caller ID records on Tim's phone showing a call from Larissa had been received in the early hours of July 10.

Weibert immediately called Larissa in to the police department for an interview, which began late that same evening. For police, it would be a very illuminating conversation.

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