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Larissa Schuster

Larissa behaves strangely


Tim Schuster
Larissa Schuster
Larissa's best friend and co-worker, Tami Belshay, would later report to authorities that Larissa had acted atypically in the days after Tim's disappearance. On Friday, July 10, Larissa showed up at the office at 10 or 11 a.m., instead of her usual starting time of 7:30 a.m. Belshay reported that Larissa came into Belshay's office about that time, saying she was sore from working out too hard. Over the weekend, Larissa mentioned that Tim had neglected to pick up Tyler on Friday and also made a point to mention Tim had been laid off from his job.

Belshay didn't believe her friend had anything to do with Tim's disappearance and assured Larissa that the police were just following procedure. The two friends talked about search warrants: when Belshay said police would have the right to search the home even if Larissa were away on her planned vacation, Larissa seemed unnerved and asked Belshay to come over to watch Tyler while Larissa went to the office "to take care of some bills" before leaving for Missouri. When Larissa did not return after a few hours as they had discussed, Belshay called her, and Larissa told her it was ok for Belshay to leave Tyler at home.

The following Monday, Belshay was talking about the strange disappearance with co-worker Leslie Fichera, who offered an odd story about a weekend meeting with Larissa. Fichera recounted that Larissa had called her that Sunday and told her to rent a moving truck so Larissa could move a rototiller. Fichera had done so, but had been puzzled when she later saw Larissa driving the truck on the opposite side of town from Larissa's home.

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