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Larissa Schuster

Tim is missing


Tim's friend and colleague, Mary Solis, was supposed to meet Tim for breakfast on the morning of July 10, 2003. Like Tim, whose last week had been miserable in more than one way, Solis had just been laid off from St. Agnes Medical Center and had her exit interview scheduled for that morning, just like Tim. They had planned to meet and share experiences, so when Tim never showed and never called, Solis was worried. This wasn't like Tim at all. Solis called another mutual friend, Victor Uribe, who made his way over to Tim's home to check on him. Uribe found Tim's watch, wallet, and cell phone on the property. To Uribe, this was a big red flag: Tim was never one to leave his cell phone behind, even when he went jogging.

Tim Schuster
Tim Schuster
By the custody-sharing schedule, Tim Schuster was supposed to pick up Tyler on the afternoon of July 10 at the customary spot, the nail salon where Larissa had her manicures. Lopez recalled that Larissa seemed more upbeat than ever about her split from Tim that day and recalled Larissa saying, "I have a feeling the divorce is going to go my way." Tyler waited out front for a while, and then came back to tell Larissa that Tim hadn't shown up. During Larissa's appointment, Solis, as part of her search, called Lopez to ask if Tim had shown up. Lopez recalled Larissa's hands as being too sweaty to allow the glue for her acrylic fingernails to dry properly.

The Solises feared the worst, but the police would not accept a missing persons report until Tim Schuster had been gone a full 24 hours.

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