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Larissa Schuster

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James Fagone
James Fagone
Under questioning by police, Fagone soon cracked, and recounted his version of events:

On the night of Thursday, July 9, 2003, Fagone alleged, Larissa put her plan into action. She called Fagone and told him to get the supplies ready, and they made their way to Tim Schuster's home in Clovis.

At roughly 2 a.m. Friday morning, Larissa and Fagone pulled up outside Tim's home. Larissa called Tim from her cell phone. Fagone would testify that he crept up to the house while she told her estranged husband that Tyler was sick and she needed Tim to come to his front door immediately. Tim did so, and was met there by Larissa and James. James jolted Tim with the stun gun while Larissa chloroformed him and then tied a plastic bag over his head. They bound Tim's arms and legs with zip-ties.

They drove Tim's body to Larissa's home for the next step in her plot: disposing of the body. With Fagone's help, Larissa stuffed Tim into a blue 55-gallon plastic drum and poured in jug after jug of hydrochloric acid. In one account to police, Fagone said that Tim might still have been alive at the time he was doused. Either way, Tim Schuster was by the end of the night dead in the barrel and his body was likely soon to be entirely eaten away in his acid-filled, blue plastic coffin, leaving no identifiable trace of his remains.