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Larissa Schuster

Juror misconduct?

While Larissa Schuster was on the stand, one juror made news on her own. Juror #5, a woman, was seen by court staff and a cameraman giving Larissa a thumbs-up sign in court. Prosecutor Dennis Peterson moved to have the juror removed from the case over the defenses objection. Judge Ellison questioned the juror about her actions, and the juror stated she simply wanted to let Larissa Schuster know she had a done a great job under difficult circumstances. However, Juror #5 insisted to the judge she had not formulated an opinion as to Schusters guilt or innocence. Ultimately, Judge Ellison allowed her to stay on the jury.

Shortly before closing arguments, complaints arose about another juror. Members of the jury sent word to Judge Ellison that one particular juror had stated that she didnt believe some testimony; that she would come late and was often disruptive. Judge Ellison ended up dismissing the juror in question without giving her a chance to defend herself.


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