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The Murder of Laci Peterson

Case Closed?

Scott Peterson
Scott Peterson
In 2008, the media discovered Scott Peterson's website ( He'd posted photos of his wife and argued against his "wrongful" conviction. Sharon Rocha found out about the site through a friend. Brushing off freedom of speech concerns, she insisted it's not appropriate for Peterson to have this vehicle for expression, not even conceding that he should even have access to the Internet.

Peterson and his family still maintain that someone else had dumped the decomposing bodies near the site of Scott's fishing trip after the police leaked his alibi. Their best shot at putting the blame on someone else rests on the elusive brown van neighbors had seen before Laci Peterson's disappearance.

A rape counselor told Modesto police that a woman told her that she had been harassed by a group in a brown van that Decemberand that they had told her they'd be back to kill someone around Christmastime. The woman claimed her ex-girlfriend lured her into the van; two men and two women raped her there, and conducted a satanic ritual. Some say the death of Evelyn Hernandez's, another pregnant woman who went missing in the Bay Area on May 1, 2002, was also connected to these mysterious Satanists.

Defense attorney Matt Dalton tracked down a brown van he believed to be the one this woman and some of the Petersons' neighbors may have seen. It belonged to a family camping at the Woodward Reserve. When police caught up with the van and the let Dalton see it, he found duct tape, red and black candles, and what he believed were bloodstains. Dalton says he didn't have the resources to test the stains, and that the police didn't bother to do it themselves. Further, he claimed that a woman who on December 31 pawned a Croton watch matching one missing from Lacy's things, had a name very similar to that of the brown-van camping family.

Dalton's theory: Modesto is infested with satanic gangs, and they were responsible for Laci Peterson's fate.

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