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Kristi Koslow

Robin Hood in a Dress

Kristi Koslow young
Kristi Koslow young

Horrendous killing techniques right out of a NYPD case file were on the mind of teenage Kristi long before she got the nerve to act on them, or hire someone else to do the dirty work for her. She and her fiancée, Brian Salter, had spent nights talking about poisoning wines, cutting brake lines, ambushing attempts, and then, finally, cutting the throats of her father and stepmother.

All a joke, her attorney tried to persuade a jury in 1994, those comments had been. The joke would end up being on this young, pudgy brown-haired girl, who found she could not buy her way out of murder and life in a Texas prison.

Tim Evans, Kristi Koslow's attorney
Tim Evans, Kristi Koslow's attorney

A selfish teenager, she didn't care about her grandmother's pearls or antique brooch. The family treasures Kristi Koslow aspired to inherit totaled a minimum of $12 million cash, or so she thought, while plotting the murders of her adopted father and stepmother.  "I just wanted to get money. I wanted my mom to have money," this young woman, now sitting in a Texas prison, said more than a decade ago.

In a confession of her involvement in the murder plot, Kristi described herself as being a "Robin Hood" to help Salter pay bills for his ailing mother and have a nice, new car in which to drive, of course, her, around Fort Worth.

And, as a Robin Hood icon, she wanted it done quietly and quickly. "It would be easy," she told Salter. This Robin Hood expected her recipient to make the first move, leaving her with clean hands and full pockets, not exactly the traditional Disney character many have to come to admire.

It was Dillingham who, after his own arrest, finally advanced the blame to Salter and Kristi, putting all three of them in front of the law, pleading for their young lives. Kristi had offered him and Salter $1 million of her inheritance, in return for the murder of her father and stepmother.

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