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Kristi Koslow

Daddy's Little Girl

Kristi Koslow
Kristi Koslow

Two weeks prior to the horrific event that would leave Jack without a wife, he received an unexpected visit from his daughter Kristi and Salter. He thought it odd because they were not close and it was not like her to stop by "just because." She told him that day that she "wanted to stop by and give me a kiss," Jack said.

His first wife had been granted custody of Kristi, whom they had adopted at birth, giving Jack weekends to maintain a fatherly relationship with his young daughter, only 7 at the time of his divorce. He recalls being very upset and disappointed with her, but that he never stopped loving her, as any parent, even one with a spoiled and self-absorbed teenager.

The relationship followed that broken path and grew worse when Kristi reached 13. Jack says the rudimentary argument between him and his daughter was her lack of attendance at school. He voiced his disapproval and "in my opinion, that's the reason she stopped seeing us," he told jurors. He and his first wife, Paula, persisted in a conflict of the way Kristi was disciplined.

He and Caren would scold Kristi about her choice in clothes and jewelry, saying when she was with her mother she was not allowed to wear the things they gave her. "It was something stupid," Kristi said later during a 2002 interview in prison. "But it made a profound statement to me as a 14- or 15-year-old."

Today, Kristi admits she realizes why her father and stepmother acted as they did, trying to keep her in school and out of the trouble that seemed to follow her. She said during her 2002 interview that her father would call her, attempting to make dinner plans, but he was a pawn in a losing battle, facing an obstinate teen who would betray him in a way he would never imagine.

"I wasn't the most likable person at the age of 17. I wasn't the most wonderful person. I didn't have wonderful morals and values and ideals about life," Kristi confessed.

This young woman was out for revenge against the woman who stole her father, and was out for her money as well.

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