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Kristi Koslow

Keeping a Watchful Eye

Forth Worth Police Department Patch
Forth Worth Police Department Patch

Twelve days passed after this brutal act of violence and no arrest had been made. All of Fort Worth was watching Jack's every move. Local police suspected Jack was after his wife's fortune and killed her to access it, but a lack of condemning evidence had deferred a definitive case. Forensic specialists even said there was no way Jack could have inflicted his own wounds.

On the day of Caren's funeral, her husband, beaten and bruised, made an appearance, much to the surprise of local police and media correspondents, who were convinced of his guilt.

The cops were confident their man was right in front of them, so much so that a warrant had been issued, but not served. "We were even saying, 'God, will they arrest him already? Are they waiting until a coffin is put in the ground?'" a local reporter explained.

It wasn't long until the tide would change in this parricide investigation. A call to the police department from a teenage boy would unravel a spool of lies and deceit the country would find astonishing. His single detailed statement also changed the lives of three teens forever. 

The teen transferred to police the crowbar and bloodstained clothing he had been asked to conceal after the attack in River Crest. He then implicated Jeffrey Dillingham, a young video store clerk. Dillingham, they had no idea, would have information of his own to reveal, to show he had not acted alone.

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