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Kristi Koslow

'That's What She Gave Caren.'

Despite his efforts to maintain a fatherly presence in his daughter's life, Jack Koslow realized too soon and shockingly that his attempts were ill-received.

Once he regained consciousness on the blood-stained carpet, Jack Koslow said, he rushed to his wife and tried to lift her from the floor. "I knew then she was either dead or dying," he said, recalling that he was overcome with feelings of "rage and hatred."

"God just give me the power to get off this floor and defend ourselves," said Jack Koslow during the trial of his adopted daughter. His thoughts during a time of panic, confusion and horror were for the woman he saw dying in front of him. "She could not move," Koslow said of his wife that night when they first heard men running up the stairs. "She was totally petrified."

During her trial in Fort Worth, Jack glanced at his Kristi occasionally. She did not acknowledge his presence, and turned her face when the photos of her dead stepmother were shown.

When asked by the defense attorney during testimony if he recommended Kristi receive the death penalty, his only response was "That's what she gave Caren."

Caren and he had met at Texas American Bank, where they both worked at the time. Family, friends and neighbors say they were much in love, rarely argued and had a happy marriage.

To this day, Jack has never publicly spoken about the night his wife died and the midnight slaughter that tore his family apart. "I have nothing to say. Zero," he told reporters. Many thought that after the trials had ended, media attention waned and "normal" life resumed, he would speak his mind about the atrocity his daughter masterminded. He has remained quiet and has never shown any desire to contact his daughter in prison.

Koslow house, front
Koslow house, front

He still lives in Fort Worth, has remarried, is involved in the business community and enjoys a relaxing round of golf. There are few physical remains from the attack; the house was sold, his wife buried, yet a scar can be seen across his throat.

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