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The Contract Murder of Kathryn Ann Martini-Lissy

The Driver

Although Lissy and Wilson were in custody, the investigation was not over. Two weeks later, an affidavit was filed in support of a search warrant for the Aloha, Ore., home of a 20-year-old woman. The affidavit alleged that the woman had accompanied Wilson to Kathy's Eugene hotel room the night of July 5, 1984, entered the room and left Wilson behind to murder Kathy. The affidavit alleged that the young woman and Wilson were supposed to take property from the victim to make the death appear to be "robbery motivated."

Items confiscated from the woman's home included a sheet of notebook paper found in an upstairs television room which referred to a car rental business in Portland, and an address book found in one of the bedrooms that contained Michael Lissy's name. Two weeks later, November 14, 1984, the woman was arrested on a charge of aggravated murder in connection with Kathryn Martini-Lissy's death. It was alleged that she had driven David Wilson to Eugene the night of the murder for a mere $250.

"She will be charged as a principal, namely, one that aided and abetted in the murder," said District Attorney Horton. Like Wilson and Lissy, the woman pleaded innocent to the charges.

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