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The True Story of John Raymond "Woody" Woodring

Woody the Con Man

Woodring and Bonnie's life together was seemingly blissful, and with nothing but blue skies on the horizon, the couple decided to take another step forward and purchase a home together.

John and Bonnie Woodring
John and Bonnie Woodring

According to a deed of trust dated September 8, 2005, Woodring and Bonnie borrowed one hundred forty thousand dollars from a state employee's credit union to purchase a single story house located at 621 Kitchens Branch Road in Sylva, North Carolina. Woodring and Bonnie moved into the home with Bonnie's 13-year-old son and two of Woodring's sons.

Not long after moving into the home, Bonnie found legal documents detailing Woodring's marriage to Jody Anissa Sutton, which prompted Bonnie to pay a visit to the county courthouse, during which she found out Woodring had never legally divorced Jody. Bonnie was understandably angry and demanded an explanation. Woodring, always capable of coming up with a quick excuse, told Bonnie he thought the marriage had been annulled years ago. He expressed just as much shock as she did and assured her he would file for a speedy divorce.

Woodring and Jody were legally divorced on November 21, 2005. Three months later, he wed Bonnie again. However, this time around was not quite as magical as the first, and the couple opted to have the ceremony conducted before a justice of the peace.

Following their second wedding, things began to take a turn for the worse. Bonnie discovered Woodring was stealing money from her, forging checks and opening secret bank accounts. He was even diverting some of Bonnie's direct deposits from child support to those hidden accounts. During this time, Bonnie also became suspicious that Woodring was cheating on her. She discovered he had a profile on MySpace and noticed some of the people on his "friends list" were swingers. In addition to his Internet activities, she also discovered he had nude photos of himself on his computer. The relationship rapidly declined, and court records show Woodring was pulled over and arrested for DUI in the weeks following their second marriage ceremony.

The downward spiral continued; on March 29, 2006, Woodring was arrested for forgery and common law robbery, which in the state of North Carolina is defined as "the taking and carrying away personal property of another from his person or presence." Woodring had allegedly stolen a check from an elderly woman's mailbox and cashed it after forging her name.

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