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The True Story of John Raymond "Woody" Woodring

Woody's Tracks

As the hunt for Woodring gained momentum on land, Crime Library reporter David Lohr began following the trail Woodring had left on the Internet. Lohr dug up volumes of information of various Internet accounts, which he was able to provide to the FBI to assist them in their investigation. Lohr also uncovered several personal ads Woodring had placed on various websites, presumably for the purpose of either replacing Bonnie or engaging in an extramarital affair.

One of the first personal ads Lohr found was placed on In it, Woodring described himself as a "romantic" who was looking for a "special someone."

"I am a young man looking for a special woman to get to know and see where things go," Woodring wrote. "I enjoy the outdoors, so on nice days you can find me swiming [sic] and boating at the lake.

"I am not a judgmental person, and I accept people for who they are. I would like to find someone who is outgoing and who is not afraid to live life at the fullest! If I sound interesting, drop me a line."

Shortly after publishing an article about Woodring's secret online life, Lohr was contacted by a woman who identified herself as "Tammy" and claimed to have met Woodring through the adult personals website, which describes itself as "the world's largest sex personals site." Tammy said she could not remember the screen name Woodring used, but she did say that in his ad there was a photo of a naked woman bent over a bed. Allegedly, standing directly behind her in this photo was a smiling Woody Woodring, naked and fully erect. Tammy said the woman in the photo appeared to be in her early 20s. She also said Woodring told her that the young woman in the photo was one of his students. Tammy said Woodring had told her he was looking for sex online, because his wife was "boring and would not put out." Woodring allegedly told her he liked redheads and older women.


Tammy described in detail how Woodring enjoyed masturbating on his webcam for her and how he would send her nude photos of himself. When asked where Woodring would take the women he met online, Tammy said he liked to meet them at a hotel not far from the college where he worked. She said if he were comfortable with a woman, he would sneak her into his house while Bonnie was at work.

Using the information provided by Tammy, Lohr was able to locate Woodring's profile at In it, he wrote: "I'm married, looking for some fun side action. I really like redheads."

Though the profile itself is not very informative, it did corroborate Tammy's statements that Woodring was prowling for sex on through the Internet. Not long after finding this profile, Lohr also found a profile Woodring had placed on the BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism & masochism) website, an "Alternative Lifestyles Community." According to Woodring's BDSM profile, his last visit had been on April 12, 2006. Under the headline "I am in for anything," Woodring described himself as a "dominant Male" who was "actively seeking" a submissive woman, a switch woman or a dominant transsexual.

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