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The True Story of John Raymond "Woody" Woodring

Talk To Me,
Part 1

In his first email, sent at 7:55 a.m. on September 17, Woodring responded to an argument he had previously had with Bonnie, during which she had accused him of being a narcissist. This email read in part:

John "Woody" Woodring
John "Woody" Woodring

"This is what you believe I am? 'Behavior or a fantasy of grandiosity, a lack of empathy and a need to be admired by others...' I am not this, I have empathy and I don't look at myself as handsome and unresistable [sic] and I don't believe I am special by any means. Bonnie, I love you, I am just a guy who fued up. I am loving, caring, compassionate and I go out of my way to make you happy. Please forgive me."

The next email was sent five minutes later. In it, he mentions an eBay address having something to do with his recent behavior. It was later revealed that Bonnie had been looking into his online accounts and had discovered via eBay that Woodring had rented an apartment.

"I was just thinking about something. You know in the last two years all of the places that we have been. Florida, Hawaii, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina. Bonnie please don't let what I have done throw this away. I love you so very much and I am willing to do whatever it takes to prove to you that I mean this. I thought I was doing well. I really did. It was the ebay [sic] address that triggered this! It had to be!"

Woodring waited nearly three hours before sending another communication, at 12:34 p.m., which contained only three words: "I Love you." A little over an hour later, he sent another message, apologizing for damaging the garage.

"I had two people come out yesterday to fix the garage where I rear-ended it. The wall is back in place, they took the garage door down where I parked. It was rotted anyway as I recall. It needs the trim put back on and a support block, but it is up and you don't have to get insurance to pay for it. I am sorry I did that and I am sorry I hurt you. I love you so much. I can't believe all of this has happened. Please forgive me."

A little over an hour later, Woodring sent Bonnie another email, stating he sold their pet "Mia" for $150.00. Why he did so, other than the intention of hurting Bonnie, is unknown. Less than an hour after that, Woodring sent another email, letting Bonnie know he had put a check in the mailbox for her. He again apologized for his behavior and said, "I don't ever want to hurt you in any way, whether money or otherwise."

Bonnie never replied to Woodring on September 17. According to a source close to the investigation, she knew Woodring was accessing her email, and because of this, she opened another account. Afterwards, she sent out a few emails, letting people know she was safe. Woodring had not found out about Bonnie's new email account, and the following day, he redoubled his efforts. At 10:12 a.m. on September 18, 2006, he wrote:

"Bonnie, you do know we had something wonderful don't you? I have heard most of this stuff is coming from [redacted]. I am not sure the motive, maybe being friends with [redacted] and others who know my past, but nonetheless cant you let my past just die? I Love you Bonnie Lynn Woodring!"

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