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Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald


The Crime Library highly recommends Jerry Allen Potter and Fred Bost's excellent book called   as the very best book on this subject.  The book is meticulously researched and persuasively written.  This feature story draws heavily from that book, particularly as it relates to the evidence uncovered by Freedom of Information documents subsequent to MacDonald's trial.

Another very good book is Janet Malcolm's which examines the lawsuit filed by Jeffrey MacDonald against Joe McGinniss, the author of Fatal Vision.

Another book that is recommended is John F. Kelly and Phillip K. Wearne's book, which deals with the troublesome problem of the scandals inside the FBI Crime Laboratory.

Melinda Stephen's is written by MacDonald's friend and supporter.

Joe McGinniss's book is not recommended as a factual and unbiased analysis of the case.

Elliot, Jeffrey, "Interview with Jeffrey MacDonald," Playboy, April, 1986.

Articles from the New York Times and the Washington Post were also used as research materials for this story.

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