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A Million Dollar Murder

Candy's Turn

Candy Mossler decided to get out of town. She arranged to take treatment for her migraines and other undisclosed medical conditions at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Mayo Clinic Complex
Mayo Clinic Complex

She rented two adjoining apartments there, and her children joined her. Meanwhile, investigators in Texas and Florida continued working for months to string together evidence. Each thread seemed to lead to Mel Powers, Candy Mossler, or both.

Cops turned up four witnesses who claimed the lovers solicited a hit on the old mooch. The investigators lined up a long list of witnesses - neighbors, employees, hotel clerks - who said they saw Mel and Candy share affectionate moments. Cops found a photographic record of Candy and Mels travels - souvenir snapshots from nightclubs, ski slopes, concerts.

America s newspapers and magazines took note of the salacious case, and a drumbeat began to build for indictment of Candace Mossler. It finally came on July 20, 1965.

She was still living in Rochester but agreed to fly to Miami to surrender, rather than risk the indignity of a surprise arrest. Accompanied by a private nurse and wearing a Mayo Clinic wrist identification band, she flew from Minnesota to Miami International Airport, where she was treated to a genteel arrest by a state police commander. A mighty press contingent had gathered at the airport, and Candy gave them plenty of her toothpaste-model smiles.

Candace Mossler, escorted
Candace Mossler, escorted

I cant believe this is happening to me, she said through gleaming incisors. Turning to the lawmen, she added, What you should be doing is finding the man who really did this murder. That is what the Dade County taxpayers are paying you for.

She added, This is Russia. They would convict Jesus Christ.

Time magazine published a droll item about the case that called Mossler lissome and lippy. The story noted that both Mel and Candy had been released on $50,000 bonds. The writer concluded, While Mel discreetly headed for Atlanta, Candace emerged from jail as other inmates showered her with hearty obscenities. Smiling and blowing kisses, the irrepressible widow jounced off to Houston. It promises to be some trial.

And so it was.

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