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A Million Dollar Murder



The Candy Murder Case, Paul Holmes, Bantam Books, 1966

Candy Mossler: Her Life and Trial, Richard Honeycutt, Pocket Books, 1966

The Trials of Candy and Mel, Lewis H. Lapham, Curtis Publishing, 1966

Murder Among the Mighty: Celebrity Slayings That Shocked America, Jay Robert Nash, Delacorte Press, 1983

Newspaper Articles

Powers Boat Will Have Lots of Flash and Splash, by Geoffrey Tomb, Miami Herald, July 2, 1982

Deaths: Flamboyant Lawyer Percy Foreman, Miami Herald, Aug. 27, 1988

Falling in Love: Barnett Garrison had a way with women. And women had their way with

Barnett Garrison, by Randall Patterson, Houston Press, Aug. 27, 1998

Mossler case was sensational story of murder, intrigue, Houston Chronicle, Sept. 7, 2001

South Florida s Crimes of the Century: Murdered Millionaire; Glamorous widow faces jury in a titillating trial, by Edna Buchanan, Miami Herald, Sept. 15, 2002

Magazine Articles

The Theater of Decadence, by Elizabeth Hardwick, New York Review of Books, April 28, 1966

The Bonded Blonde, Time, Aug. 20, 1965

The Trials of Candy (Mossler) and Mel, by Lewis H. Lapham, Saturday Evening Post, Aug. 27, 1966

The Great Defenders: How did natty, flashy Dick DeGuerin and his quiet, determined brother, Mike, become two of the best lawyers in Texas? By learning everything they could from their mentor, the legendary Percy Foreman, by Robert Draper, Texas Monthly, January 1994

Dominic Dunne's Power, Priviledge and Justice

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