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A Million Dollar Murder

Brief Defense, Long Summary

Candy Mosslers attorneys called only a few witnesses, primarily to rebut the controversial hit man testimony. Candy did not testify. Percy Foreman, Mel Powers lead attorney, did not follow through on his promise to present the sordid details of Jacques Mosslers homosexual lifestyle.

He called no witnesses - an indication that he believed prosecutors had failed to make a convincing case. Each of the nine attorneys then took a turn at a closing statement, subjecting jurors to three full days of spin and summations.

Prosecutor Huttoe leveled a finger at Candy Mossler and said she was most guilty of all. His colleague Gerstein bristled at the unproven allegation that Jacques Mossler was gay. Who will stand up and speak for the murdered man? he demanded.

Defense attorney Harvey St. Jean said prosecutors may have proven that Mel and Candy were affectionate. But he added, We are not trying a hugging and kissing case. We are trying a murder case.

Clyde Woody, speaking for Candy, said, She was not put on trial here because of evidence against her. This was done because she is a very wealthy woman. This is the only reason she is in this case.

Other lawyers reviewed the evidence - overwhelming or fatally flawed, depending on their position at the counsel table.

Finally, after more than two days, it was Percy Foremans turn. Prosecutors normally get the last word in a trial, but Foreman was allowed the final oration under Florida law because he had called no witnesses.

Foreman began, I will now make a few brief remarks. And he proceeded to speak for four hours and 58 minutes.

He lavished praise on the judge, his colleagues and the jurors. He quoted scripture and repeatedly cautioned the jurors against judging Candy and Mel, even though that was precisely their duty. He dedicated more than an hour to a dissection of the character and testimony of Billy Frank Mulvey.

The one thing he didnt talk about was Jacques Mosslers alleged homosexuality. In fact, he rebuked prosecutor Gerstein for raising the tawdry issue during his own summation. Foreman worked up a gullet full of umbrage as he fairly spit out, I wont waste a single word on it.

Foremans gall at turning the subject he had raised against Gerstein drew chuckles from the gallery.

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