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Edward D. Gingerich: The Only Amish Man Convicted of Murder

God Hates Ed

On the morning of March 18, 1993, Ed lay in bed till around 9 oclock. He paid no attention to Katie or the children as he made his way out the front door, and was unaware that Amish families were en route from Ontario, Eastern Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. Noah Stutzman, the headman of the mill, was marrying a local Amish woman later in the day, and Katie had decided not to share the information with her husband due to his mental situation.

Ed had a lot on his mind, and decided to visit his father to see if he could help him make sense out of it. Ed didnt knock as he reached the front door and walked right in his fathers house. Ed pulled up a chair as his dad walked in the room and exclaimed, Katies trying to poison me!

Everybody loves you Ed. His father replied.

Even God hates me! Its my chemicals; they are out of balance, Ed blurted.

Eds father was not sure how to respond, and paused momentarily before speaking, The best thing is to ask God to forgive you, Ed.

God wont because I am possessed by the devil. I can hear the devils voice, a womans voice, not GodsI dont hear God!

You will if you listen for it. Eds father replied.

I am listening, but all I hear is the devil! Ed shouted before leaving.

Upon his arrival back home, Katie informed Ed that an English man was on his way over to take them to see Doc Terrell. To her relief, Ed agreed and they were soon on their way.

Ed was beginning to loathe Doc Terrells techniques and made no effort to hide it as he walked into the examination room.

If you cant cure me, just say so. Ed blurted out as the doctor entered the room.

Im giving you liver pills, Terrell replied. Take the pills.

I dont want liver pillsgive me something stronger for my headaches. I cant go on like this.

Drugs are not the answer, Terrell replied in an impolite tone. No drugs!

With that said, Terrell massaged Eds scalp and ushered him out the door with a bottle of liver pills.

Katie had already planned out the rest of the day; she would take turns with Eds brothers, babysitting Ed off and on throughout the day, so that everyone would have a chance to attend the wedding and reception. Everyone, except Ed, had agreed on the plan. They decided that he wasnt going to be told until the very last minute.

Eds brother Danny had been watching the children while Katie and Ed visited Doc Terrell. As their English driver pulled into Eds brothers driveway, Katie invited him and his girlfriend inside for lunch. As everyone sat down at the dinner table, no one paid any attention to Ed. Nonetheless, as everyone began talking about the wedding, they were suddenly reminded of his presence.

Im coming with you tonight. Ed blurted out.

You cant go, youre too sick. Katie replied.

I have to, Ed said.

Why? Katie asked.

You dont even like these things.

Its the only way I can be saved.

Holding her position, Katie said, No, weve talked about this and you are not goingyou need your sleep.

I know who you are, Ed said. You are the devil.

Silence took over the room and no one spoke for a few minutes. Finally Ed broke the silence; There goes the moonright into the sea. Eds English neighbors were dumb-struck by his erratic behavior and decided to leave.

As their English friends parted, Danny hitched up his wagon, and took everyone back to Eds house. Shortly after arriving back home, Ed decided he wanted to go to bed and announced, I dont want to hurt anybody. I love everybody. Ed then made his way upstairs and went to bed.

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