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Garrett Wilson

Life Without Parole

After Wilson was arrested, his wife, Vicky, raised enough money to hire Barry Helfand, considered by many to be the best criminal attorney in the state of Maryland. Vicky believed her husband to be the victim of a vindictive former wife who was operating on the premise that if she couldnt have him, nobody could.

Vicky Wilson (Author's collection)
Vicky Wilson
(Author's collection)
Vicky had good reason to believe in his innocence. He had been a model father to Marysa and he certainly hadnt tried to kill his daughter when she was a baby. She also knew his faults, and sure, he had been a womanizer at times, and a big spender who got into money trouble, but that didnt make him a murderer.

Wilson was given bail on the charge of murdering his son. But a few months later, he was arrested again, indicted for the death of Brandi. This time no bond was allowed.

The trial took place over two weeks during July 1999. Many of his former girlfriends like Elizabeth Dodge and Julie Stinger testified against him and if looks could kill, the jurors probably wanted to put him away for the rest of his life for his womanizing alone.

During the trial, medical experts testified that SIDS was not genetic and couldnt be passed on within a family. Thus, the chances of having a baby die from SIDS was one in 2000 but the chances of two dying of SIDS in the same family was one in four million. That statisticwhich Helfand labeled mathematical scorceryand Missys testimony were the two most potent weapons for the prosecution. Wilson did not testify on his own behalf.

Prosecutor Doug Ganster (Author's collection)
Prosecutor Doug
(Author's collection)
Many onlookers felt the prosecutions case was shaky at best and that the case had not been proven. The jury disagreed and returned its guilty verdict in two hours, shocking attendees and touching off a joyful celebration by members of the Anastasi and Oliver families present.

Weeks later, Wilson was given life without parole. He is presently serving the sentence at the Maryland House of Corrections. His wife, Vicky, and his daughter, Marysa, visit often.

A separate murder trial for the death of his daughter, Brandi, has been postponed several times. Garrett Wilson still denies killing his children, a belief that is shared, not only by his current wife and her family, but by his friend, John Farley.


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