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The Kellers and Their Millions

"Rich and Famous"

Although he had property in Washington, Keller moved his companys office to Palm Beach in the early 1980s, at about the time his youngest sons reached adulthood.

By then, Keller had gone through at least two more marriages, and a brief fourth followed in Florida.

Each relationship was worse than the last. Keller had an imperious manner. He seemed to reckon that he had rights as the domestic monarch since he was paying the bills.

He had a temper, and he announced his royal decrees with finalitylike the time he told one of his wives, after dinner, to get the f- out of this house.

One woman after another failed to measure up to Kellers expectations. But he kept on looking.

In the mid-80s, he took up with a former model, Lynn Weatherby, who was nearly 20 years younger than Keller.

He apparently saw the woman as good breeding stock, but he was not prepared to reverse his vasectomy. Among many other peculiarities in the relationship, Keller tried to convince Weatherby to submit to artificial insemination by one of his biological sons.

She declined. Not long after, she found on Kellers desk the text of a classified ad he had placed, seeking a slim, attractive playmate to share a lifestyle of the rich and famous."

Keller sued Weatherby for $2,225 after their breakup in 1987. A lawyer pursued the case on Kellers behalf until 2005, when the woman died as a result of a fall.

By the time he went shopping for a new young hottie in Germany, Keller had reached the conclusion that modern American women were too liberated for his Old World sensibilities.

Rose Keller, with son, Fredchen
Rose Keller, with son, Fredchen

Surely a German woman would toe the line for him. He had no idea.