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Michael Fletcher: A Simple Case of Murder


As Fletcher, Cleyman, Legghio and Townsend sat in the kitchen of the Fletcher home just 24 hours after the initial 911 call, uniformed officers, looking more like a moving company crew than police, steadily removed items from the house. They took Fletcher's computer and several boxes of papers. One officer stopped by the table and handed a book to Cleyman.

"If Leann was so afraid of guns, why did you take her to the shooting range, Mr. Fletcher?" asked a clearly agitated Cleyman.

"First of all, I like guns and I like to shoot targets," Fletcher replied, his eyes never wavering from Cleyman's. "I also wanted my wife to be safe. It doesn't make any sense that we should have handguns in the house if she didn't know how to shoot. I didn't expect her to pick up my hobby, but I thought she should know how to protect herself."

The detective looked at the book the officer had given him and looked back at Fletcher. "O'Hara's Fundamentals of Criminal Investigations," Cleyman read. "Now why would you have a police academy textbook like this in your home?"

"I'm a criminal defense attorney, detective," Fletcher said. "I use it in my work."


"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Legghio.

"Oh, nothing."

The detective questioned Fletcher extensively about his relationship with his wife. He learned the two had met at a party at Michigan State University several years before, and were married after a three-year courtship. The marriage was rocky, and Mick and Leann had separated several times over the last year. They were working it out, Mick said, but Leann was somewhat despondent when she found out she was pregnant.

Townsend spoke up for the first time. "Mr. Fletcher, do you know Judge Susan Chrzanowski?"

Fletcher stiffened. His eyes darted back and forth between Townsend and Cleyman. Everyone was waiting for him to respond. Even Legghio was watching him closely.

"Uh, yeah. Why?"

"Your mother-in-law said you were having an affair with the judge," Townsend said.

Legghio stood up before Mick had a chance to answer. He put his hand on Fletcher's shoulder to quiet him.

"This interview is over," he said. "Make sure you get me a list of the items removed from the home."