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Drew Peterson: Wife Killer?

A Deadly Prediction

James Glasgow
James Glasgow
On October 10, 2003, Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio were divorced. Although the marriage was dissolved, the property settlement, the most contentiousand potentially costliest to Drew Peterson, was still pending and would be decided at a trial scheduled for April 6, 2004.

Drew Peterson stood to lose upwards of $300,000 in cash and assets, plus half of his $72,000 a year police pension when he retired.

Eight days later, on October 18, Drew, 49, married his 19-year-old pregnant girlfriend, Stacy Cales.

In late 2003, according to prosecutor James Glasgow, Drew Peterson tried to pay someone $25,000 to kill Kathleen Savio.

Then in February 2004, less than two months before the trial that could have shorn him of half of his financial worth, Peterson ran into a fellow Bolingbrook police officer in the Will County courthouse. While discussing his recent divorce and the upcoming property settlement, Peterson told the other officer, "My life would be easier if she were just dead."

Four days before she was found dead, Kathleen confided to her sister, Sue Doman, her fear about what Drew would do to her. "Just the Thursday before she passed away," Doman told ABC News, "she called me, and she said she just felt so strongly that he was going to kill her, and it was going to look like an accident."

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