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Drew Peterson: Wife Killer?

The Last Days

Pastor Schori wasn't the only person to whom Stacy Peterson related her marital troubles.

In early October, Stacy got in touch with an old friend, Scott Rossetto, whose brother she had dated. Over the next couple of weeks, the two of them started swapping emails and text messages. Some of the messages were flirty, Rossetto admitted, but he maintained the two of them were not having an affair.

On October 17, the night before Drew and Stacy's fourth wedding anniversary, a friend of Stacy's received a disturbing email from her. "I am finding that the relationship I am in is controlling, manipulative and somewhat abusive," Stacy wrote.

At midnight, Drew gave Stacy a diamond ring for their anniversary.

The next day, October 19, Stacy met Scott Rossetto and some of his friends at a Denny's restaurant. They got an unexpected visit from Drew.

"He just showed up," Rossetto told The Chicago Tribune. "He was actually driving around in a squad car. He drove around the building a couple of times."

Drew strolled into the restaurant and sat down at the table with Stacy, Scott, and Scott's friends. The uniformed police sergeant's sudden appearance made everyone at the table uncomfortable. Peterson focused his attention on Scott and Stacy.

"He asked me how I would feel if my wife went off with another guy," Rossetto told the Tribune. "I told him, 'Honestly, I would trust her until she gave me a reason not to.' He didn't respond. He just kept staring at her. He sat with us for a good 15, 20 minutes."

In late October, just days before she disappeared, Stacy called local attorney Harry Smith, who had represented Kathleen Savio in her divorce from Drew, and told him she wanted to discuss filing for divorce.

On October 25, Stacy called her friend Pam Bosco. She asked Pam about renting her own place to live. She told Pam: "I have to get out of here, you know. I'm not feeling very safe. I'm afraid he's going to hurt me."

Saturday night, October 27, Stacy's sister Cassandra ate dinner with Drew and Stacy at their home. Drew looked angry. When the sisters were alone, Stacy hugged Cassandra and said: "I love you...if anything happens to me, he killed me. It wasn't an accident."

That was the last time Cassandra saw her sister. Stacy Peterson disappeared the next morning.