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Drew Peterson: Wife Killer?

Moving On

Drew Peterson didn't waste time mourning his ex-wife's sudden death. The Savio family said that immediately after Kathleen's funeral, while the rest of the family was attending a reception, Drew backed a truck into the driveway of the home he had once shared with Kathleen, loaded many of her possessions into the truck and drove away.

Peterson family photo with Stacy in center.
Peterson family photo with Stacy in center.
Shortly after Kathleen's death, Peterson produced a handwritten will, supposedly signed by Kathleen, that left all of her assets to him. James Carroll, Drew's uncle, was named executor of Kathleen's estate, which was valued at nearly $300,000.

In November, Peterson sold Kathleen's house and made $287,000. He had previously sold the bar they had owned for $325,000 and had kept all of that money as well.

In April 2005, James Carroll turned over all of Kathleen's property and money to Peterson.

There was also Kathleen's $1 million life insurance policy that named as beneficiaries her two sons, ages 10 and 11, over whom Drewas a result of Kathleen's deathhad acquired full custody.

Then there was wife number four. Drew and Stacy married and had a second child, but things weren't always rosy at the new Peterson house at 6 Pheasant Chase Court in Bolingbrook.

Stacy was almost a prisoner in her own house. Drew barely let her out of his sight. While on patrol, he stopped in frequently at home. He called Stacy incessantly to check up on her. Once, when she was getting a haircut with a friend, Drew called her eight times.

It didn't take long for the pressure of confinement to get to Stacy. Soon she was talking about getting out of her marriage.