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Drew Peterson: Wife Killer?

"It was Kathy"

The weekend that Kathleen Savio died, Drew Peterson had their two children over for a visit. He later said he tried to drop them off to her Sunday afternoon, but Kathleen didn't answer her door. Nor was she answering her phone. The two boys stayed over at Drew and Stacy's house again that night. Monday night, Drew cruised past Kathleen's house in his police car and ran into a neighbor, Steve Carcerano.

Steve Carcerano
Steve Carcerano
With Carcerano standing by, Drew knocked on Kathleen's door. Again, he got no answer. Drew called a locksmith to the house.

It was almost 11 p.m. by the time the locksmith got Kathleen's door open. By that time, Drew and Carcerano had been joined by another neighbor named Mary. Strangely, Drew, the on-duty patrol supervisor for the town police, asked the two neighbors to go inside the house and look for Kathleen.

Carcerano walked into the master bedroom. "I looked towards the back of the bathroom," he later told ABC News. Lying in the bathtub was a bloated object he couldn't recognize. "As I walked closer to it, it was Kathy laying there naked."

Kathleen Savio was dead.

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