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The Murders of David and Carol Keeffe: Suspect and Arrest


Details of the investigation showed that Carol had not been happy with the progress of the survey two days before she was killed. She had apparently hoped it would be completed by November 15, 2006, because she was preparing for a weekend trip that would take her out of the state. She talked of hiring a different surveyor to complete the work, but never got around to it before she was killed. The fact that her father and John DeSisti had previously been embroiled in an argument over the land may have played a part in delaying her decision to hire a new surveyor.

It was during the time of the argument between her father and her cousin that Carol had said that there was going to be "big trouble" involving John DeSisti. She began saying that she was going to force her cousin to remove any of his buildings that were on her land. The day before she was murdered, Carol got into an argument with her father because he did not want her to go through with the survey due to his concerns about possible repercussions from John. Carol insisted that she would have the survey completed, and argued that John "keeps taking more and more." She had characterized John as a "big bully" who "will do whatever it takes" to encroach her property.

Less than a month after the murders, investigators began to consider obtaining a warrant to search John DiSisti's home.

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