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Christopher Porco

From the Pot into the Fire

The month before Chris returned to university, he had managed to talk his father into co-signing on a loan for $2,000, which he claimed was for school expenses, such as books. However, the money was nowhere near the amount he needed for his tuition, which was $32,000. The Times Union stated that unbeknownst to Chris's parents, he used his father's financial information to secure a loan for $31,000 instead of the $2,000 they agreed on. 

It didn't take long for Peter Porco to discover that something was terribly wrong. After receiving a bank letter in November 2004, Peter discovered the enormous loan Chris took out in his name, which prompted an immediate phone call to the university. It was then that he learned that Chris never had a free semester at all but was expected to pay for it along with the rest of his tuition for the year.

To his shock and dismay, Peter also learned that Chris had not only borrowed the $31,000 to pay for tuition without his knowledge but that he also used forged his name on a car loan to buy a $16,450 yellow Jeep Wrangler. To make matters worse, Chris was behind on his payments, which negatively influenced his parents' credit report. At wits end, Peter wrote to Chris on November 5th "threatening to a file forgery affidavit against him," The Times Union reported. The letter was followed by several more written by his mother in which, she questioned Chris' mental health and begged him to be honest.

Neither Joan nor Peter knew the extent to which Chris was willing to go to hide the truth. It was only after the attacks that occurred days later that investigators began to understand Chris' pathological web of deception. In doing so, they were able to finally piece together facts that presented a possible motive for why Chris might have committed the horrific crimes. Based on the evidence, investigators deduced that Chris' main motive for committing the crime was so that he could inherit money from his parents and pay off his substantial debts and university tuition.

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