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Christopher Porco

Liar, Liar!

It was no great surprise that schoolwork took a back seat to Chris' extracurricular activities. Consequently, his academic performance suffered greatly. By December 2003, his grades were so bad that during the first semester of his sophomore year he was suspended for a year from university.

Chris chose not to tell his parents the truth about his poor performance but told them instead that he had been mistakenly suspended because a professor allegedly lost his final exam, court records stated. Moreover, he allegedly told them that the school would reimburse him for the lost semester, even though that was far from the truth. Accepting his story and hoping for the best, his parents allowed him to temporarily move back home before going back to Rochester.

Hudson Valley College logo
Hudson Valley College logo

When Chris arrived back home in Delmar, he immediately enrolled at the Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) for spring semester 2004 but failed to complete his coursework there. Instead of working hard at his studies to earn his way back to the University of Rochester, he chose a more deviant route to gain reacceptance to the school. Jeff Boyer stated that Chris allegedly forged his HVCC unofficial transcripts, from failing grades to A's and B's before sending them off with the readmission application to the University of Rochester.

Unexpectedly, Chris's unofficial transcripts were accepted in place of his official transcripts and in the September of 2004, he was readmitted to the university. The big question was, how was Chris going to pay for his alleged free semester that he told his parents he would receive but obviously didn't? Of course, Chris had already conceived another plan to get him out of his predicament.

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