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Christopher Porco

Past Transgressions

Two years earlier in September 2002, Chris graduated from Bethlehem High School and moved to Rochester, New York, after having been accepted to the University of Rochester. Chris enrolled in the Bachelor's program for biomedical engineering and economics and he also became a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and university swim team, The Times Union reported. While at school, Chris didn't have much problem adapting socially, which was evident from the many friends he had accumulated at school.

Those who befriended Chris thought he was a great guy, yet no one knew that he was also a deceptive one. CBS reported that Chris invented a phony life while at school, telling students that he was rich and that "his grandmother was a wealthy landowner" who "owned much of the land in Fairfield County, Connecticut," a fraternity brother said. To keep up appearances, Chris spent lavishly on things he couldn't afford. To fund his imaginary lifestyle

Chris resorted to theft.

An article in The Times Union suggested that the robbery that took place at the Porco home in November 2002 may have been orchestrated and carried out by Chris. Investigators discovered that two laptop computers that were stolen from the house during the "staged burglary" were sold several weeks later on eBay to a man in California, according to court records. The sale was eventually traced back to Chris.

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More than half a year later, investigators claimed that Chris staged another burglary at a veterinary hospital where he worked. The Times Union reported that items including a digital camera, camcorder, pocket computers and a cell phone were stolen, most of which was sold by Chris on eBay. Apparently he didn't make as much money as he hoped from the illegal sale because he was back thieving the following month.

In July 2003, Chris allegedly staged his third robbery resulting in the theft of his father's laptop. The Times Union reported that police found an "open window and torn screen on the first floor," much like what they later found on the night of the attacks on November 15, 2004. The same day of the theft, Chris put the laptop up for sale on eBay, it was further reported. Surprisingly, he was never officially mentioned as a suspect in the crimes.

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