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Christopher Porco


Chris Porco claimed that as soon as he heard of the violent incident, he called the Bethlehem Police Station. He didn't realize that the police had already issued an all points bulletin for him because he was considered as a person of interest in the attacks, The Times Union reported. Within hours he was back in his hometown. The first thing he did was visit his mother at the Albany Medical Center.

Albany Medical Center
Albany Medical Center

CBS quoted Chris as saying, "I saw her - she was swollen and covered in tubes and my reaction was I burst into tears. I fell on the floor right there." Yet, a former youth leader minister named Joseph Catalano who rushed to be at Chris's side at the hospital claimed to be "struck by Christopher's odd behavior" because he didn't seem to exhibit any grief, CBS reported. After visiting his mother at the hospital, Chris then went to the police station where he had an appointment to be interviewed.

For six hours, investigators questioned him about where he was on the night of the attacks. During the police interview, Chris adamantly refuted that he had any part in the attack. He claimed that there was no way he could have been in the Albany area because he was 200 miles away asleep on the couch in the dorm lounge of his university at the time the dreadful event occurred, CBS reported. Even though he professed his innocence, the Bethlehem police asked him to take a polygraph and allegedly accused Chris of murder although they didn't formally charge him, The Times Union reported. Moreover, they confiscated his bright yellow jeep so it could be processed by forensic specialists.

Chris Porco's Jeep
Chris Porco's Jeep

While Chris was being questioned at the police station, other investigators were at the University of Rochester interviewing his fraternity brothers. Steve Ference reported for Capital News 9 that his dorm mates claimed he was not sleeping in the lounge at all on the night in question. One of his dorm mates was quoted by CBS as saying, "It just so happened that some guys were up and we stayed up until like 3:30 a.m. It's a square room and some couches and TV it's not like maybe he was there and we overlooked him. He wasn't there." 

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