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Christopher Porco

Murder at Brockley Drive

Peter and Joan Porco
Peter and Joan Porco

On November 15, 2004, in the early morning hours as Peter and Joan Porco lay sleeping in their beds at their home on Brockley Drive in Delmar, New York, an intruder entered their house with evil intent. Silently, the trespasser crept to the garage, grabbed an axe and ventured to the Porcos' bedroom. He wielded the axe at the Porcos' arms, heads and faces with great ferocity. Leaving them for dead, the intruder silently stole back into the night.

Hours later, when Peter failed to show up to his job at the state supreme court where he worked as a law clerk, his boss, Judge Cardona, assigned a court officer Michael Harte to go to the house at 36 Brockley Drive to check up on him. It was unusual for Peter to be late and his colleagues were concerned something was wrong. When Harte arrived at the house nobody answered the door, although he noticed it was unlocked. He opened the door to the house and peered inside. He was shocked at what he saw.

The inside of the house was covered in blood. When he looked up the stairs he saw the mangled body of Peter Porco on the landing. He was clearly beyond any medical help. Harte called Judge Cardona and told him of the gruesome finding. The police were immediately called to the scene.


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