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Christopher Porco

Bail Out

Chris with mother, Joan Porco
Chris with mother, Joan Porco

A year and a day after the horrific attacks, Chris attended his bail hearing at an Albany County courthouse. To the surprise of many, his mother also showed up at the courthouse to support her accused son. It was Joan's first public appearance since the fateful morning of November 15, 2004. Capital News 9 reported that she had "visible scars around her jaw" and had "lost an eye in the attack."

D.A. David Soares
D.A. David Soares

A decision wasn't made that day regarding bail but was postponed until the following week. On November 22, 2005, Judge Jeffrey Barry presiding over the case set bail at $250,000 in cash or $1 million bond. Szubielski quoted Albany County DA David Soares who said that the bond was "unprecedented in Albany County" and "one step in the path of presenting our case to the jury."

It took several weeks, but friends and family of the Porcos managed to collect enough money to pay the bail of $250,000 in full. On December 2, 2005, Chris was released on bail. As he walked away from the jail with his attorney, Terence Kindlon, he was surrounded by members of the press who were eager to know what his plans were before the case went to trial. Sean O'Grady of Capital News 9 quoted him as saying that he felt "pretty good" to be out of jail, adding that, he was "absolutely innocent" and "looking forward to trial." It was his first public appearance since the attacks.

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