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The Trials of Christian Longo

Two Tragic Deaths

Map of Oregon with Newport locator
Map of Oregon with Newport locator


On December 19, 2001, a young boy's body floated up in Lint Slough, not far from the coastal town of Newport, Oregon. He seemed to be about 4 years old and wore only his underwear. Three days later, divers found the body of a slightly younger little girl, still in 9 feet of murky water, under the Lint Slough Bridge, still tethered to the bottom by a pillowcase full of rocks tied around her ankle. Divers found a similar weighted pillowcase, which had apparently been tied around the boy's ankle. Also in those waters was a sleeping bag full of rocks. Authorities never released a cause of death for the two children, but said they had not died from trauma. Speculation has it that the two children were weighted down by their own cartoon pillowcases full of rocks, both shoved into the sleeping bag and thrown off the bridge into the sloughwhile still alive.

Lint Slough Bridge
Lint Slough Bridge

Thus began the largest crime investigation in the history of Lincoln County, Oregon.

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